Creating order out of chaos and removing the weight of clutter is important to living peacefully within yourself and your world. When your space is it designed around a your needs, situations and goals, you are able to breath easily, find things more quickly, and feel more in control.

Organization can look different to every person, which is why we work closely with our clients to find out what works, what doesn’t work well and how they operate in their spaces. When we identify these things, we are able to create solutions that reflect who they are, what they want, and where they are going.

If you want to claim order to your space, Remarkable Spaces will help get you on the right track.

Are you ready to get organized?


Needs Assessment

We meet to discover your objectives for getting organized and challenges in keeping organized, take pictures of the space and determine an action plan. A Needs Assessment may last up to an hour and is $75, which 50% can be credited to the first session payment. During this initial visit, we will schedule a date and time for your organizing session.

Organizing Session

We work together to efficiently tackle your space and get it organized. Sessions require a minimum of 4 hours. Small spaces such as a pantry or closet may take 4 hours while a larger project such as an office, kitchen, craft room or garage may take longer. 

Storage Solutions

During our session, we will make note of any containers, labels and supplies that may be needed to complete the job. It's important to budget for storage solutions as these are additional expenses. They may be purchased together on the same day, or the professional organizer may shop on your behalf with our shopping service. 

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