I’ve always had a love for interior design and homes since I was a young girl. My dad was a home builder and  I remember walking the homes he built and dreaming of what the home might look like when it was done. As I grew older, I drew floor plans and dreamt of a life in the homes I drew. I took drafting classes in high school and worked for an wallpaper and window treatment company  when I was 16 years old. At that time, I thought I would become an architect and/or an interior designer until I became intimidated by one thought that came from someone I barely knew.

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The young man’s father was an architect and he said to me that if a beam is in the wrong place, you’re going to have to tell “them” to move it. I don’t know why this intimated me at the time, except that I was a young shy girl that didn’t think I was brave or smart enough to do something like that.  I know think that is a ridiculous idea, but it was my reality at the time so I stepped away from pursuing a life as an architect/interior designer.

In the mid-90’s computers networking was becoming ever so important for companies and somehow I thought that might be the right place for me. I loved to type on a computer and I understood how to navigate applications on a computer so, of course, it made sense for me to pursue a degree in computer network management. Silly me, I had no real clue what it would look like when I entered college with the intention to obtaining a degree in computers. I took three classes and bailed because I knew it wasn’t right for me. I’m a creative person. I don’t want to mess with 0s and 1s and plug cables together.

Instead of leaving my college for a larger one with an interior design program, I went into Marketing. It felt like a good place to be because it was where I could be creative. I could write content, design ads, promote products and so on. Fast forward here, after 4 years, I did get my degree in Marketing and worked for several for-profit and non-profit organizations such as Hobby Lobby, Southern Nazarene University, K-LOVE and Air1 Radio, United Way, and several others.  I learned so much from working in these settings, but my heart always knew that I wanted to pursue design and even real estate.

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What I learned about myself during that period of my life is that I’m super creative, a visionary, entrepreneurial, self-motivating, and passionate. Being in an organization where I felt I couldn’t use my gifts and talents in the way that would give me most joy was not going to make me happy for the rest of my life. So with a lot of thinking, praying and talking with my husband and family, I gave my two weeks at my last job and never looked back.

I started my business called Remarkable Spaces in 2015 and have helped many people with designing their spaces and home staging their homes to sell. I also created moving products called Well-Planned Move to help people organize and have fun with their homes. In the first couple of years, I didn’t make much income so I thought I may need to go back to work full-time or get into real estate. I had talked to several realtors over past 10+ years and I thought I could bring my design business and moving products under the umbrella of real estate. In 2017, I became a real estate agent in Oklahoma City.

Sherree Murray Living Room DesignSince then, I’ve learned a lot about myself and real estate. That is why I want to share with you anything and everything possible about living in a home, designing a home, buying a home, selling a home, and maintaining a home. I hope you will enjoy this blog and find valuable information to help you make good and smart decisions when it comes to your home. I am so excited about this journey and I hope you will share with me your good vibes and experiences to help others as well.

Let’s make this home journey fun and exciting!


Sherree is a designer creating interesting and beautiful spaces and offering ideas and tips on how you can create remarkable spaces in your home. Follow @remarkablespaces on instagram for exciting projects and tip on designing, home renovations, interior styling and home DIY projects. This site/post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on the link.

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