For the past two or three months, I’ve been gearing up for a three bedroom renovation project for some clients with quite the anticipation. My clients have been looking forward to updating and changing out the brown tile in all three bathrooms and making each bathroom a little unique than the other. They are very modern and clean in their style so I’m giving them a modern vibe in each space.

Remarkable Spaces - Modern Farmhouse Bathroom - Before Photo

In this post, I’m sharing with you the first phase of the boy’s bathroom renovation project. For this space, I wanted it to feel bright and cheerful since they have two little boys, but with modern farmhouse flare.

Initially, as I was coming up with a design board, I drew inspiration from other bathroom photos on the Internet then came up with my modern design plan for the bathroom.

Since blue is a common color for boys, I decided to incorporate the colors of cream, grey, and blue into this space as well as a little bit of bronze in the fixtures. This combination works great for a farmhouse style.

I first came across a 12”x24” floor tile with stripes of cream, grey and blue. It was love at first sight with this tile. I loved the colors, the striped pattern was perfect, and the hint of blue was just enough to add color to the room.

Remarkable Spaces Boys Bathroom Renovation

Next it was time to decide on the shower surround. Using the floor tile as my color guide, I initially found a small subway tile that was a light grey. I thought it would be a perfect match at first, but once we got it in their home, I realized that it wasn’t going to work. While the color looked fine in the store, it didn’t look as good next to the floor tile in the bathroom that also had different lighting. Sometimes that happens and you just have to regroup on it.

So… back to the drawing board. I ended up going to Floor and Decor where I found a longer creamy white subway tile. Once I got it into the room, the size was proportionate to the floor tile and it coordinated perfectly with the creamy white in the floor tile. So yay for a win!

The subway tile did not have a matching bullnose tile so instead I chose Schluter strips to clean up the edges of the shower and around the niches. Schluter strips are great for when there are no coordinating bullnose tile or when you want a special finishing look. In this case, I chose the bronze Schluter because it coordinates with the bronze faucet and fixtures my clients are keeping and we did order a bronze light fixture as well.

Remarkable Spaces Boys Bathroom Renovation - White Subway Tile

With blue as an accent color in the floor tile, I wanted to bring blue across the room by adding it to two niches using a glass tile with a unique texture in the foreground. Because they have two small boys, I thought it was important to add two niches at the back of the shower. That way, mom and dad could easily reach for the shampoo and conditioner on the bottom shelf, but give the boys a higher shelf for when they get older.

Remarkable Spaces Boys Bathroom Renovation - White Subway Tile

Next up we’ll be painting the room and the cabinet. I’m going with a dark blue color, Sherwin Williams Gale Force, for the cabinet to pull out the blue in the floor tile and add that special pop of color in the room. I’m looking forward to this next phase with our general contractor, Mid-south Construction, and crew.


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