In August I had a chance to visit my cousin and her partner in North Carolina and decorate their entire 2-story house in six days. It was such an incredible, yet fast trip and I literally had nine spaces or rooms in their house to decorate in a short period of time. Luckily, they already had quite a bit of furniture from our previous designing experience when they bought their first lake home a couple of years ago. That cut down on some of my time and I had some really great pieces to work with right off the bat, like this dining room table and chairs.

Their new dining area sits just off to the side of the open concept kitchen and living room area and surrounded by high wall panelling and tall beautiful windows. What I loved about this room were the plantation shutters that were only a fraction of the height of the windows. Typically, you see them reaching from top to bottom, but with them covering half as much, they act as a lovely statement piece and allow lots of natural light into the space. The whole area was stunning just by itself.

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How I Designed for a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

Then you add in the concrete dining table with the x-shaped rustic chairs and the rug from Pottery Barn we suddenly elevated this room to another level. Even though concrete can be hard product, in this case, it actually softens the space with its light colored grey tabletop and the lightly colored natural wood from the x-shaped table legs. The table legs paired with the x-shaped dining chairs compliment each other and allows us to direct the overall style of the room to modern farmhouse because of the rustic styling, clean lines and color palette.

Let’s not forget to mention the funky fun chandelier centered above the dining table. This was a lucky find from a store in the Hickory Market in Hickory, NC. We found this one on display at a lighting store and knew we had to get it because of its unusual and unique style.

How I Designed for a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

My clients love to entertain and have drinks with their friends so the room would not be complete without some storage space to display  some of their whiskey bottles. Once again, browsing through the Hickory Market, we found the honeycomb bookshelf and fell in love with it. The rustic exterior to the blue interior of each honeycomb shelf, it was a no brainer. We had to get it to display each of their whiskey bottles. Plus, the tabletop is perfect for setting a tray of glassware and a whiskey recipe book.

How I Designed for a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

One of the things my client loves to do is grow indoor plants, especially orchids in her home. With orchids, they need a decent amount of sunlight so we needed to come up with a solution to rest it somewhere in the room where it would get ample lighting. Knowing that it wouldn’t get much light if it rested on top of the honeycomb bookshelf, I needed to find a plant stand to place into a corner of the room. So while shopping at World Market one day with my cousin, we discovered the beautiful wood and gold accent table, which was the perfect size and statement piece. Made of mango wood and metal antiqued gold legs, the accent table adds a bit of luxuriousness to the room.

How I Designed for a Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

And, I can’t forget to mention how I was able to fill the wall space between the two large windows. I was able to find the Ahoy! buoy wall art at Home Goods, once again, another lucky find. Because they live near the lake, I felt the lovely safety ring buoy was appropriate for the area, the textile fabric in added some interest, and the color palette was perfect for the space. The wall art gives the room a sophisticated look, but not over the top. It really helped polish off the dining room space.

The whole design project for the dining room was very special to me. I felt honored to have had the opportunity to do what I love and help my cousin and her partner. There is never a day that goes by that I’m not appreciative of their trust and faith in me. I hope they love this dining room for years to come!

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