One of my favorite rooms in my North Carolina project was the entryway. I just loved the long wide open hallway and the grandness of the space because of the wood paneling wrapping the hallway. It is beautiful and simple and only needed a few simple elements to style the space and make it feel more welcoming.

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At the front of the entryway, I placed a small rug at the doorway just to capture the dirt that someone might have on their shoes as they walked into the home. Since the hallway was really long, I thought it would be better to add a longer running to the middle of it to help balance the space and draw more attention to the center where the entry table rests. I have to say that I really love the textured jute rug from World Market. It’s a lovely color and has a wonderful braided design. Against the dark wood floors, it really stands out.

Modern farmhouse style entryway with console table and jute runner

To add a focal point, I used their entry table that we previously purchased from Crate and Barrel and added a few accessories to the tabletop as well as a gorgeous round metal mirror from Home Goods. Since the wall space from the wood paneling to the ceiling is not huge, I needed to go with a small mirror that would proportionally work well in the space and I think that was achieved with the black/gold mirror. The mirror is really cool mainly because I just love it’s 3D effect with it jetting out from the wall by two or three inches.

Modern entryway with a industrial console table, mirror and decor

With an open and airy console table, I knew I needed to help fill some of the space underneath so that my eye could be draw down below and have something interesting to look at, which is why I went with a wicker basket. This one is from Home Goods and was the perfect size. I especially love the leather handles.

Modern entryway with a industrial console table, mirror and decor

With everything on the table being fairly low below the mirror and wood paneling, it needed some floral stems to help draw the eye up and fill an empty space. Luckily, my clients had the stems on hand so I pulled them from another location to use in this space. And pay attention, there isn’t a ton of florals. The design is simple and a bit airy allowing more space between each stem and flower. That way it keeps the area modern and clean.

Overall I think the entryway turned out really great. My clients love the space and all the accessories and I can’t argue with that!

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