Hey friends! If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have heard I went on a trip to North Carolina to help my cousin and her partner decorate their beautiful home near Lake Norman recently. They bought a two-story home a few months ago and needed my help to fill the empty spaces with decor and furnishings like I previously did for them when they had a smaller lake home. I didn’t have to think twice about making the trip to their home because I always have such a wonderful time with them and, of course, I get to do what I absolutely love to do for them—designing!

Their living room opens up to the kitchen area and has a huge and beautiful fireplace. The main issue was how to design for a large niche in the living room that would serve as the TV wall.

BEFORE SHOTFresh and Modern Living Room TV Wall - SherreeMurray.com

Their previous living room was a lot smaller so the TV stand doesn’t quite help fill much of the space as seen in the above photo. It also lacked appeal because it was basically a white wall. So my mind went into high gear trying to come up with a couple of versions that would make better use of the space.

OPTION 1 – My first thought was to balance the TV stand with two benches on either side with pillows and artwork above.

Fresh and Modern Living Room with Blue Accents

OPTION 2 – The second option was to use a tall open bookshelf on one side and a bench on the opposite side with large artwork above and pillows layered on the bench.

Fresh and Modern Living Room with Blue Accents

At first the girls thought two benches would be nice because they’d have more seating in the room for when they entertain guests. For this reason, we started in that direction looking for a matching benches. I shopped at three different Home Goods stores and went to Hickory Furniture Mart and came up empty handed. But then my cousin and I went shopping at Home Goods on a different day and ta da! We found the perfect bench. Unfortunately and fortunately, there wasn’t a second bench. Which meant we could go in the direction of OPTION #2.

Wood Bench Serves as Seating and DecorWhat I loved about this bench was that it was modern rustic, the perfect size, and it’s opening underneath allowed us to add wicker baskets to fill with many of their dogs toys.

For the TV stand, we didn’t have to look very far. Upstairs they had an off white cabinet that wasn’t serving a purpose at the moment so we brought it downstairs to rest under the TV on the wall. It previously was in their dining room cabinet, but in this home, there wasn’t room for it in the dining area.

Now that we had a bench and a TV stand, we needed to figure out the left side of the TV and cabinet. To create depth and height, I knew we needed a bookcase to draw our eyes up and give the space dimension. I had already shopped at several local home decor stores and a nearly furniture store, I came very close to driving an hour and a half away to High Pointe, which is where many furniture stores are located, but I gave it a whirl and looked online at Ashley Furniture Store. There was one about 20 minutes from their home.

Luckily, I found a couple of options that gave me some hope. I called to make sure before I drove to the store, and had a rep tell me about a couple of them that they had in their store. However, she said that normally that they don’t sell furniture items off the floor, but that I could talk to the manager once I got there. After arriving and looking around, I found four matching bookcases and had hoped they would sell me one off the floor. I gave a compelling speech about me being here for a short time and wanting to get my client’s home finished before I left and the manager let me purchase a floor model. Let me tell ya, I was pumped!

Once I had the bookcase purchased and the measurements, I set off to do the rest of my shopping to fill in the bookcase with accessories. I shopped at Home Goods, Target and Tuesday Morning for all the goodies.

Designing for a TV Wall - Adding Height with a Bookcase

The last and final issue we had with the niche was that it needed a pop of color to add some drama to the room. The overall color theme of the room was blue so I wanted to soften the wall with a blue-grey color. That way it wouldn’t be too dark and overpowering and nor too soft and pale. The color we went with was Steely Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Designing for a TV Wall

This niche area couldn’t have turned out more perfect. It’s modern, rustic and fresh. There’s a good amount of texture, pattern, color, shapes, and style going on in the space and it’s balanced well. I just love how it turned out!


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