Early August I got to fly out to my cousin and her partner’s home to decorate their new home in North Carolina. I was elated about decorating their home because 1) they have such great taste and 2) I could get away for a mini-vacation with some ladies and 3) I got to do exactly what I love to do–design. 

Upon my arrival my cousin gave me tour of their home and saw the room where I would be staying, aka the guest room. It was a lovely space with tall ceilings, beautiful plantation shutters, and soft Agreeable Gray walls. The room was already staged with a comfy bed, two night stands and glass lamps that worked well together. But, while the duvet cover was super soft and nice, it didn’t coordinated well with the furniture in the room. So I made it my mission to find new bedding and a whole lot more to perform a makeover on the guest room.

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Guest Room Makeover - Before Shot

I love shopping at local stores to find and touch decor and furniture so I can get a real good sense of what they look like and how they might appear in a home. Not only that, but I like to get good deals on items too. This is why I shopped at three different Home Goods stores, two Tuesday Mornings, Pier One, World Market, Target, and several other stores.

While I was out shopping at Home Goods in Huntsville, I came across these two abstract framed art of two ladies. They were beautiful and elegant with touches of pinks, blues and orange. Since I was shopping to two women, it struck me as something that had meaning and depth and not just artwork to display. So from that point, the art was everything for the room and gave me direction for finding bedding and decor to compliment the style, colors and vibe of the artwork.

Guest Room Makeover - Abstract Art

Guest Room Makeover - Clean, Modern and Sassy

Guest Room Makeover - Clean, Modern and Sassy

I’m so happy how the throw pillows came together. They doesn’t feel stuffy or too elegant, but welcoming. I love that guests can set their phones or a book on the side tables and turn on the glass lamps for some warm lighting.

Guest Room Makeover - Clean, Modern and Sassy

The wall art on the left side was a lovely add-on to the space. I wasn’t purposely trying to add as much floral to the space as I did, but I couldn’t resist the artwork. It had all the colors from the room and it was the perfect size and shape to fill the wall space by the closet. There is a balance of patterns, florals and color that make the decor work perfectly in the room.

Guest Room Makeover - Clean, Modern and Sassy

What I love about the hanging pots is that it adds dimension to the room. Oftentimes a room can look flat with everything laying perfectly against the wall, but the hanging pots gives it a 3-D effect.

Guest Room Makeover - Clean, Modern and Sassy

I do wish I could have stayed longer in their cozy guest room. It was so pleasant to get away for a few days and do something I love for a special couple. I’m so blessed to have been able to decorate their home.

So… What do you think of the guest bedroom? Would you want to stay here?


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