When my cousin in North Carolina messaged me on Facebook asking if I would like to come back out for a second time to decorate her and her partner’s house, I didn’t even give it a second thought. I was over the moon  and feeling so blessed because this would be the second time they have flown me out to decorate their home. The first time was when they bought an adorable lake house off of Lake Norman a couple of years ago, but since then, they sold that one and bought a home double the size of their first home. So as you can imagine, there were many more spaces to fill in their new home.

I was so excited to make the trip a little over a week ago. My cousin and her partner were so gracious to me and gave me free reign to do whatever I thought would look good for their home. We had a good foundation from the first go round of designing their previous home that this time I just needed to find decor, wall art, bedding, and a little bit of furniture to fill out the home.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and fell completely in love with their neighborhood and home. They have a two story home that sits on an acre lot amongst the tallest trees I’ve ever seen. Everywhere I turned nature was so beautiful and the grass was so green. It filled my heart every so much with joy and happiness.

I had about five days to do as much shopping as possible and decorate as much as I could throughout the home, and surprisingly, I got everything decorated just like I wanted before I left for home. What I love about the area in which they live is the shopping there. They live near Mooresville where there is the most perfect shopping center ever! The shopping center had every store that I love to shop, which are Pier 1, Ross, Home Goods, Target, World Market, and Michaels. Then across the main street was Bed, Bath & Beyond and Ashley Furniture, and a hop skip and a jump to the east was Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s and Tuesday Morning. I mean, it couldn’t get any better than that!

Best Shopping Strip Ever

I’m pretty much a frugal shopper so these stores made my heart happy because I knew that I could find great prices on beautiful decor and furnishings. Plus, I didn’t have to drive very far to shop.Shopping for Home Decor to Design a Craftsman Style Home

Shopping for Home Decor

Designing Home for These Fabulous Clients

With the exception of my arrival day and one lake day, I shopped every day and decorated their beautiful home. I literally was on cloud 9 every day and I kept thinking how wonderful it felt to be entrusted with the opportunity to design their home and having them love my work. My cousin and her partner were so great to work with and I can’t wait to come back for a visit and enjoy their beautiful home.





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