There are a lot of people that might never hire an interior designer because it seems out of their reach financially. Hiring a designer can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the project so many people just don’t bother. Yet, there is that one room in the home that never feels stylish or quite finished. Some might say they don’t know what their style is, others might say they get stumped while shopping, and others may be hung up on the financial aspect of doing a makeover.

Doing a room makeover doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money nor does it have to be a frightening experience. There are simple ways to style a room using what you already have in your own home and possibly purchasing a few accents to complete the space. You can shop at local affordable decor stores, thrift stores, or even your friend’s or parent’s home for  various furniture or accessories to help make it more affordable. However, it may not solve the problem when you don’t feel confident in your selection of home decor and furnishings.

I’ve given this much thought and I’ve been in your shoes before so this past month I created  an affordable shopping trip to help people in selecting and purchasing items for one room in their home. It’s called the Let’s Decorate Shopping Trip. I take one to three people for an affordable design fee on a shopping excursion to several local stores in the Norman, Okla. area, including places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, At Home, etc. to help them in selecting items for their room makeover.

Let's Decorate Shopping Trip

My pilot run of the Shopping Trip was with one of my dear friends who needed help with her office. I asked her to send me pictures of the space, images from Pinterest or wherever that reflect her style, and measurements of her room and furnishings. I used this information to draw up a room layout that would be conducive to the way she and her husband needs to work in the room and a perspective drawing so she could see a frontal view of the space. Then we met for coffee on a Saturday morning where I presented to her my sketch drawings of the space and showed a few pictures of bookcase styling so she could get a clearer picture on the type of items we might be looking for and how she could style her bookcase once she got home.

Let's Decorate Shopping Trip Wall Art Inspiration

From there, we started our shopping adventure at Home Goods where we found the perfect artwork that began as our inspiration for the space. We used the colors in the artwork as a guide in selecting her accessories, chairs, and a rug. We also shopped at Target, Tuesday Morning, and At Home. We really had good luck on this trip because we found practically everything she needed to complete the room for less than $1,000.

Let's Decorate Shopping Trip Pilot Event

Let's Decorate Shopping Trip Sherree Murray and Rachel NicholsMy client was very pleased with our efforts and was able to go home and style her office according to the layout I presented to her that morning. She still has a couple of items she needs to purchase online to finished out her space, but very soon, she’ll have a room that will bring her sunshine and delight each and every day!

Let's Decorate Shopping Trip Rug

I found this event to be very rewarding too. Knowing that I was able to help her pull things together in less than a day and seeing her face light up was enough for me to want to keep doing events like these. So I’ll be hosting the Let’s Decorate Shopping Trip several times a year.

If you’re interested and would be available to shop in the Oklahoma City area, check out all the details here.One Day Shopping Trips Available



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