I LOVE a red, white, and black Christmas color palette for a cozy, warm and timeless style to enjoy during the holiday season. This living room is of one of my client’s home and I may be a little biased, but I am in love with it.

My client wanted a modern farmhouse-inspired style with hints of black and white patterns. The idea of black and white was to give the room a sophisticated look, yet by adding a pop of red, it still feels like a traditional Christmas.

Red, white and black Modern Christmas in Living Room

The whole concept for this room started with the pillows. Found this cuties at Marshall’s and I couldn’t resit them. I just love the whimsical Christmas tree on the red pillow and the snowflakes on the plaid pillows. Adds depth, softness, and texture to the grey sofa.

Red, white and black Christmas pillows on a grey sofa

Christmas Tree

Then came the Christmas tree! Oh darling, this was my favorite part to decorating her living room. I enjoyed hunting for modern black and white ornaments and much of what I found was at Target, although some of the ornaments came from Marshall’s and At Home.

Red, white and black Modern Christmas fireplace and Christmas tree

I was pleasantly surprised at what I found at Target. Cute fabric Santas, white glittery acorns, acrylic snowflakes, and fabric snowflakes, plaid and red reindeers, oh my!

Red, white and black Christmas ornaments and black and white ribbon on Christmas tree
Red, white and black Christmas ornaments and black and white ribbon on Christmas tree

Now this tree needed more than just ornaments. Ribbon is a good choice to help add a pop of color and pattern to a tree and help fill gaps around it. For this tree, I used two different types of ribbon. One is the black and white striped ribbon from Hobby Lobby, which is about two inches thick while the other is a dainty little ribbon with white little balls hanging, which is from Target. I love how they vary in size and give your eyes something more to look at.

Another way to add dimension and fill gaps in a tree is by adding stems of berries or even flowers. As you can see I used stems of berries and and stems with faux white snow.

Christmas tree decorated with red berries and red, white, and black ornaments

Fireplace and Mantel

I don’t know if I have ever decorated a mantel for Christmas without a garland. I feel like it’s the perfect touch to softening the mantel and giving it a touch of color. This year I found the perfect garland at TJ Maxx for $30. It looks so real, which is a step up from all the garlands I have used since my childhood.

Notice that I chose to lay the garland mostly to one side instead of centering it so that each side was exactly the same. Have you heard of the 1/3 photography rule. It’s basically the principle that helps you to compose interesting and balanced shots. Well, for this, I wanted your eye to be drawn to the left and down, and not just centered with the photo.

Red, white and black Modern Christmas fireplace

And notice that I used greenery on the right side in the wire basket to draw your eye to the right side and up. See how I tried to balance the space with greenery? Decorating is not always supposed to be a perfect, matchy matchy concept. Be willing to break the norm and make a space more interesting.

White painted fireplace with Christmas decorations including black and white stockings and Christmas home accents
Fireplace hearth decorated with Christmas boxes, a small Christmas tree, birch wood in a wire basket and green stems

Goodness me, trying to find the perfect stockings was not an easy task. I looked online all over the place and I did find some acceptable options. But it wasn’t until I found these darling stockings at HomeGoods that I stopped looking. I showed my client these and she was in love! They were composed of simple, yet modern designs and had a wonderful fabric texture that just made them ideal for this cozy space.

Fireplace hearth decorated with a black metal house lantern and faux greenery in metal vase and Christmas stockings hanging from mantel

Console Table

I always think that spreading the joy throughout an entire room is a must! As you can see here, I brought in a couple of natural wood and handmade elements to make a cheerful and colorful display on the console table. The adorable woody car embroidery was handmade by my client so I definitely wanted to display her beautiful artwork.

White and natural wood three-drawer console table decorated with Christmas decor and a blue and white abstract wall canvas
Woody paneled car Christmas embroidery art in green frame
White vase with natural wood reindeer and a small faux Christmas tree in a red pot

More Christmas Decorations

There really are so many ways that you can bring the spirit of Christmas into your home with decorations galore. From wrapping paper to pillows to home accents, you can mix and match so many jolly little items to bring joy to you and all those who enter your home. Just look at other decor that I used in this home.

Christmas presents wrapped in red, white, and green wrapping paper with black and white ribbon and name tags under the Christmas tree
Modern grey and wood chair with a Christmas pillow and a natural wood side table and a banana tree next to the chair
Wicker coffee table stool decorated with Christmas greenery and white reindeer
Wicker coffee table stool decorated with Christmas greenery and white reindeer
Red, white and black Modern Christmas in Living Room featuring a brown leather chair with black straps
Joy to the World pillow on brown leather chair
Mantel decorations including a reindeer canvas wall art and a Merry and Bright wood framed sign

Do you like to theme your Christmas decor? By color, style, or other? Tell me about it in the comments! I’d love to read them.

Merry Christmas,
– Sherree Murray


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