When you want to sell your home quick and for the best price, I always recommend staging it. Home staging is an essential key to making the best first impression on buyers. Buyers usually start their home search online so a photo of a home that is well staged will get more attention than a home that isn’t staged or is vacant. Buyers usually make their decision about a home within the first 3 to 5 seconds so if your home doesn’t catch their attention, they are going to move on quickly to the next listing.

Home staging can mean the difference of your home selling for the highest price or sitting on the market for too long and having to reduce the price after 30 days or more. Typically, price drops are higher than the cost of home staging. The estimate of home staging costs can vary between 0.03% and 1% of a home’s sale price. Whether you just need a few items to stage your home or to hire and rent furnishings from a home stager, you’re likely to pay less than your first price drop. Not to mention the monthly mortgage and utility bills you have to pay for each month your home sits on the market.

Home staging appeals to humans’ most inner trait called emotions. It makes people see and feel something when they preview homes, whether online or in-person. It is this factor that promotes strategically placing furniture and accessories in a home to evoke a buyer’s emotion to act or make a decision about a home.

Remarkable Spaces Home Staging

Below are a few useful and helpful ideas to help stage your home.

  1. Curb Appeal –
    1. Mow the yard, reseed or sod in areas without grass
    2. Plant colorful flowers and/or green bushes in flower beds
    3. Get rid of weeds in the yard and flower beds
    4. Add new mulch to flower beds
    5. Sweep away dirt and cobwebs around porches and windows
    6. Power wash siding, driveways and walkways
    7. Add a new welcome mat at the front door
    8. Wash all windows and glass doors
    9. Re-paint exterior
    10. Re-paint or re-stain front door
    11. Add new light bulbs to brighten up the porch and front of the home
  2. Front Foyer
    1. Depending on the size of the entryway, add a small entry table with a lamp, books and a mirror above the table
    2. Update outdated light fixture
    3. Add rug to entryway to soften the area
  3. Living Room
    1. Move furniture to open up direct view to fireplace
    2. Arrange furniture in vignettes to create conversational areas
    3. Add a rug under the coffee table or ottoman and partially under the sofa to bring warmth into the space
    4. Stack two or three large books and set a round bowl on a coffee table
    5. Set a large mirror or artwork over fireplace mantel, flank it with candles or vases of various sizes
    6. Declutter and minimize accessories and books in bookcases. Place groupings of 3 or 5 items of varying sizes on each shelf or space out on bookcase.
    7. Set a lamp, small floral arrangement or greenery on a side table
  4. Dining Room
    1. If the table dwarfs the room, remove one of the table leafs
    2. Remove extra chairs from room
    3. If the room is small, remove the buffet or china cabinet to make the room more open and spacious
    4. Set a beautiful floral arrangement as the centerpiece
    5. Set place settings at each seat including a saucer/placement, dinner plate, salad plate and a napkin in a napkin ring on top. May also add wine glasses if it doesn’t overcrowd the table.

Remarkable Spaces Home Staging

This obviously is not an exhaustive list because every home is different for various factors such as the layout and furnishings available. Therefore, it is wise to contact a local certified home stager for a consultation or contact me for an e-staging consultation. You’ll get expert advice directing you on how to stage your home for the best first impression.


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