Types of Design Styles

There are a variety of design styles such as modern, mid-century, farmhouse, and traditional to name a few that people love, but for many being able to define your personal style may not be very easy. Here I’ve put together a list of design styles and examples that I’ve compiled through Pinterest. Perhaps this will help you narrow your focus and give you ideas on how you might want your space styled.

Some of the designs are my own and others are for inspiration. Browse through the list and see what design style fits you best.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century interior design features clean lines, fun curves, and a mix of different materials. This style was in its heyday from the mid-1930s to mid-1960s, but this nostalgic look remains popular today — often with a modern flair.


Boho Interior Design uses bright colors, layered and textured fabric, and lots of intricate patterns. It has a multi-cultural inspiration and is reminiscent of the hippie or gypsy lifestyle.

Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse Interior Design style is bright and airy with a slightly antique feel. This look uses a lot of natural wood and iron-inspired fixtures.


Transitional interior design is a modern mix of contemporary and classic styles. It breaks outside of traditional design rules to blend elements that are not often found together into one cohesive look. It commonly creates rooms that are equally masculine and feminine.


Contemporary interior design features clean lines, open space, neutral colors, and deliberate use of texture. This style is simple and sophisticated — perfect for a modern house, apartment, or business office.


Industrial interior design makes use of a lot of raw wood or brick textures and features pipes or ironwork as accents. It brings to mind a warehouse look or a big city loft apartment with wood or metal surfaces and neutral, natural color tones.


Farmhouse interior design draws off of the sturdy utilitarian homes of early American settlers. Raw wood, traditional fabrics like floral or paisley, and vintage or rustic accessories characterize this style.


Scandinavian interior design is a blend of styles from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland which incorporates open spaces, wood slats, and neutral colors. Popular accessories for this look include natural elements, warm, cozy textiles, and monochrome wall art.


Modern interior design draws its inspiration from the modern art movement with crisp lines, open spaces, polished metals like chrome or stainless steel, and minimalist accents. Bold accent colors and abstract wall art are characteristics that set this style apart.


Minimalist interior design’s key element is an uncluttered space. This style will use only a few accent pieces that are allowed to stand out through both open space and a monochrome color pallet for each space.


Coastal interior design brings to mind the fun and relaxation that comes with a day at the beach. This style uses nautical accents, reflective surfaces, sun-bleached white or cream colors, and ocean hues.


Traditional interior design is a fusion of comfort and elegance. This style features warm, rich colors, soft furniture, and some curves to the woodwork without anything overly ornate.


French interior design gives a feeling of warm, stylish elegance. Rich tapestries, plush furniture, and ornate woodwork round out this style.


Cottage interior design uses mismatched vintage furniture and accessories. This style feels comfortable and lived-in with soft fabrics, painted wood, and eclectic accents.

Did you figure out what style is a good fit for you? Got a room you want to now redesign or design? Tell me about it. Leave a comment and let me know what style you like best.

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