Moving presents a lot of challenges and one of those is packing all your belongings. The traditional way to pack boxes has always been to carefully place several items into a box and label its room location and sometimes the contents with a black marker on the outside of the box. The problem with labeling every box with a black marker is that every box looks the same, making it more challenging to scour the boxes to find exactly what you are looking for.

Color-coding boxes has become the next big thing with moving. People are using colored labels and colored tape to differentiate between the boxes going to different rooms in a home. For example, each room in the home gets labeled a certain color then every box intended for that room is labeled or taped with the coordinating color. Thus, people know exactly where to deliver the box on the day of the move, or we hope so.

Color-coding boxes serves a couple of purposes.

1. Differentiates boxes. When every box is labeled or marked with a different color, you immediately can differentiate between boxes. For instance, if you have a room full of boxes, you can quickly identify the red marked box belongs to the kitchen and all others that don’t.

2. No sloppy handwriting. With boxes being labeled, you don’t have to scribble in a marker the room location on the side of the box. On top of that, the boxes don’t look all the same.

There are many versions and sizes of labeling available but not all are the same. To organize your move in the best possible manner, your label system should incorporate these important things.

1. Room location – which room is the box intended to be delivered?
2. Contents of the box – what is packed inside the box?
3. Floor level – what floor level is the room located?
4. Box number – what is the box number in order to track all boxes
5. Priority – what is the importance of the box and should it be handled with care or separately

The Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels is a unique color-coded moving label system that takes into consideration all the above. The comprehensive kit organizes and prioritizes boxes with its room signs, room labels, attention labels, hazardous labels, open first labels and important docs labels.

Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels - Color-coded moving labels for packing boxes

With each room label there is a coordinating room sign that may be placed on the wall near the main entrance into a room. Each label has space to write the contents contained in the box, as well as the floor level the room is located, notes such as item placement, and a box number. To keep a master list of rooms, colors, and total boxes, a Color-Coded Room Chart is included for referencing and writing the final box count for each designated room.

There are additional important labels to call attention to boxes that need special handling (e.g. breakables, heavy items, liquids, items that may melt, or hazardous materials) or contain essential items needed upon move-in or important documents to be kept close by during the process of moving.

Using the Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels color-coded system is the best way to stay organized while packing, moving, and unloading. It’s perfect for quickly identifying boxes and contents and knowing how to carefully handle each box and where to deliver them in your new home, making moving smoother and easier.


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