If you’ve ever moved you know how much moving can be an overwhelming experience. Lots of boxes and stuff to pack and keeping it all organized can be quite a challenge. A couple of years ago I  developed unique moving organizational tools that can help people easily plan, pack and deliver their boxes during a move to a new home. It was at a time when I was into organizing and home staging. As I thought about people selling their home and moving, I wanted to create an organizational system that effectively color-coded boxes and allowed you to prioritize the boxes and write contents within the label. This also led to a couple of my other creations, which are a Moving Planner and Humorous Moving Labels.

The whole process was interesting and fun as I designed and trademarked the products and listed them on an ecommerce platform, www.wellplannedmove.com. I’m proud of my efforts because I learned how to take an idea and turn it into a product, how to list a product online and on Amazon, and most importantly  better help people organize their move.

Color Coded Moving Labels and Humorous Moving LabelsColor-coded Moving Labels

When I first began my business a few years ago, I was focused on creating organization systems to help people manage their spaces. During the early months, I did some research and realized that I couldn’t find a good moving label system that not only helped you color code boxes, but allowed you to write down the contents, floor level and any notes related to the items in the box, and contained labels to prioritize the boxes and call attention to the important ones. Plus, there were none that I could find that included coordinating room signs. So over the course of a few months, I designed a system to solve this dilemma.

The color-coded label system became known as the Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels.Well Planned Move Color-Coded Moving Labels

The Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels include a Color-Coded Room Chart that complements every room label. From the living room to bedrooms to storage, the chart lists every room and has a place for you to write the final box number for each designated room so you can track your boxes upon arrival.

The moving label set includes 16 color-coded room labels (15 pre-determined room labels and one blank labels), each with a place to write contents contained in each box, the floor level the room is located, notes such as item placement, and a box number.

For boxes that need special handling, the moving label set includes 30 Attention labels to alert movers of boxes containing breakables, heavy items, liquids, or items that may melt, and 6 Hazardous labels for boxes containing explosive, flammable, or corrosive materials. You also receive 20 Open First labels and 12 Important Documents labels to help you prioritize boxes.

This kit is ideal for DIY movers who want a little more control over their move. They want to be able to find what they need quickly and help the movers deliver the boxes to the appropriate locations within the new home.

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Once I finished the moving labels, I realized that some people may need a moving planner to help guide them through the weeks leading up to the big move. This planner became known as the Well-Planned Move: Moving Planner. Well-Planned Move Moving Planner

TheWell-Planned Move: Moving Planner is a comprehensive planner and checklist chocked full of useful information and practical tips for moving. You will find a detailed checklist, budget and expense sheets, moving and truck rental tips and quote forms, cost-saving moving and packing tips, inventory record spreadsheets, to do lists, and so much more. The best part of this is that it’s a downloadable PDF so you can print what you need when you need it.

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As we all know, moving isn’t fun or glamorous. But could it be, maybe just a little?!

One day it hit me that I could help people have a good laugh with their friends, family or even the hired movers with some humor. So I pulled together several humorous moving-related jokes and sayings and created a set of labels that could be placed on boxes during the moving process. Whether someone was packing a box or hauling boxes to and from the truck, everyone could have a good laugh. Shoot, you could make it into a game of seek and find and have your moving help look for a specific joke to win a prize.

Well Planned Move Humorous Moving Labels

This kit comes with 60 labels with funny, moving related jokes and sayings for your moving pleasure.

Some of my favorites are:
“Never moving again!”
“Stuff I never unpacked from the last move”
“Quick… Lose this box when he’s not looking!”
“I’ll probably have to make new friends after this.”

These are just fun stickers to place on boxes and make people laugh. Perhaps they’ll be a big hit during your next move.

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Who are these products for?

These moving tools are great for just about everyone, but probably more so for the DIY packers. It helps you execute the packing and labeling so you have more control over what goes where while at the same time be a huge help to your friends and/or professional movers who come to load and unload your boxes.

Movers holding boxes with the Well-Planned Move color coded moving labels and humorous moving labels.Cut out the Well-Planned Move Room Signs and tape signs to walls and coordinate boxes with color coded moving labels on them with each room.Tape the Well-Planned Move Room Signs to walls and door frames then deliver coordinating boxes to each room.Color Coded Moving Labels and Humorous Moving LabelsWell-Planned Move - Truck loaded with boxes labeled with color coded moving labels and humorous moving labels.

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Featured on AskPat 2.0 - AP 1015: Which Niche Business Should I Focus On?Couched by Pat Flynn on his AskPat.com podcast in May 2018.
AP 1015: Which Niche Business Should I Focus On?

In this podcast I shared with Pat Flynn my struggles with running three types of business, home staging/design, real estate, and an online retail shop called Well-Planned Move. I was being pulled in several directions and I wasn’t focusing on one thing. Through our conversation, I thought my Well-Planned Move brand should become my primary focus, but after several months considering my passion and interests, I decided to incorporate Well-Planned Move into the greater picture of my design business. Through this blog and my designing business, I’m focused on giving you advice and tips on great home decor and household products, such as Well-Planned Move, and helping you with design dilemmas.


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